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Fracturing Project in Cangzhou Block of CNPC Bohai Drilling Company

In 2019, the system solution was successfully applied in the shale oil fracturing project of PetroChina Bohai Drilling Cangzhou block. The main advantages of this solution system are simple layout and reliable sealing, which solves the operational problems such as complicated connections and large land occupation in traditional wellsite fracturing operations; the innovative use of universal joints brings great convenience to the adjustment of installation distance. Plug valves and hydraulic gate valves used in high and low pressure manifolds can choose to use electric drive devices to save manpower, ensure the safety of construction personnel, and improve operating efficiency.

Fracturing Project of CNPC Western Drilling Xinjiang

<span style="word-break: break-word;">In 2019, Douson delivered two sets of large-diameter universal connection fracturing manifolds (main diameter 130mm, maximum pressure 105MPa) to PetroChina’s western drilling wells. Drilling down the Xinjiang fracturing project. Since then, this program has been successfully applied in Xinjiang for the first time. </span>

Fracturing Project of CNPC Bohai Drilling Sichuan

In 2020, relying on the reliability and stability of the large-diameter universal connection fracturing manifold system, PetroChina Bohai Drilling once again chose to apply this solution to the Sichuan shale gas fracturing project (diameter 180mm, pressure 140MPa).
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