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Conventional Wellhead and Christmas Tree

Spontaneous wells and mechanical recovery wells are important equipment used to exploit oil and gas and test oil and gas after completion. <br>
It can control the pressure of oil and gas wellhead and adjust the flow of oil and gas wellhead.

HH Wellhead and Christmas Tree

For working conditions with high content: the body adopts cladding welding process, which meets the requirements of HH level wellhead.
The pressure control part is made of nickel base alloy 718 material.
The metal sealing ring is made of nickel-based alloy 825.

Single Barrel Double Well Wellhead and Christmas Tree

Single barrel double well wellhead and Christmas tree is used in drilling, well completion, oil production and other operations on offshore platforms.
The layout of the well groove is compact, which is suitable for the narrow space of the offshore drilling platform.
It satisfies the working conditions of the offshore platform to a greater extent.
Double wells meet high production demands.

Integral Quick Installation Wellhead and Christmas Tree

It is composed of wellhead spool, primary mandrel hanger, secondary mandrel hanger, tubing hanger and integral Christmas tree. <br>
The integral structure reduces the drilling and completion operation time and reduces the drilling and completion operation cost. <br>
The blowout preventer components are installed once to complete the entire drilling process, improving the efficiency of drilling and completion operations.

Single Well Double Tubing Wellhead and Christmas Tree

Two parallel oil pipes are installed in the same production casing, and two independent oil (gas) production channels are formed through the wellhead.
The production of two oil and gas layers can be completed without drilling two wellbores.
Improve operating efficiency and reduce production costs.
The performance is stable and reliable.

Geothermal Wellhead

Applied to the extraction of underground water vapor.
It can be used for geothermal mining at a temperature of 345°C or even higher.
API 5CT casing has high temperature resistant secondary sealing structure, stable and reliable performance.
Convenient installation and simple operation.

Fracturing Wellhead and Fracturing Tree

Strong corrosion resistance: suitable for complex fracturing conditions with high acid content, high oil (gas) content and high H2S and CO2 content.
The sealing position of the valve in the wellhead is welded with corrosion-resistant materials, which greatly prolongs the service life. <br>
High fatigue resistance, suitable for fracturing methods with alternating pressure cycles and multi-stage fracturing construction. <br>
The rated pressure of the equipment is high, which can meet the requirements of deep wells and high pressure fracturing conditions.

Flat Gate Valve

Flat gate valve is the main control component of

wellhead and manifold; can also be used
separately as needed. According to its structure can be divided into: manual rising stem
flat gate valve, manual non-rising stem flat gate valve, hydraulic flat gate valve.

Surface Safety Valve(SSV)

Surface safety valve is a special valve whose opening and closing parts are in a normally closed state under the action of external force. When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, it discharges the medium to the outside of the system to prevent the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the specified value. The safety valve plays the role of safety protection in the system.
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