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Fracturing Equipment and Component

High and Low Pressure Manifold

High-performance alloy steel forging, excellent mechanical properties. <br>
Equipped with high-performance plug valves and butterfly valves. <br>
The combined skid-mounted structure is convenient for transportation and installation. <br>
Design and manufacture according to customer needs.

Single Channel Large Diameter Universal Fracturing Manifold

The pipeline layout is more concise and occupies a small area. <br>
Full flange connection, the connection is more reliable. <br>
Full bore frac channel. <br>
Security is greatly improved. <br>
Save connection time, reduce manpower consumption, and improve work efficiency. <br>
It solves the problems of traditional wellsite fracturing operations (large area, complicated connection and high cost).

Cyclone Desander

On-line continuous sand discharge, high operating efficiency. <br>
Under extreme working conditions, the equipment can be forced to discharge sand. <br>
High safety and long service life. <br>
Provide solutions according to customer site construction requirements.

Mini Cyclone Desander

On-line continuous sand discharge improves safety and operating efficiency. <br>
Cyclone equipment is modular and replaceable. <br>
Reduced weight, reduced height, same handling efficiency. <br>
The sand hole is equipped with a remote control panel, which can remotely control the power nozzle. <br>
High corrosion resistance, extended service life.

Double-canister Filter Desander

Double work cylinder skid-mounted structure. <br>
The upstream and downstream adopt double isolation valves, and the isolation valves are 15000psi sand control gate valves. <br>
Complete with transfer and bypass manifolds. <br>
During construction, the work cylinder is switched through its own manifold. <br>
The sand is discharged by flushing the sand discharge system.

Filterate Manifold

Replaceable filter.
Two filtering channels, switch at any time.
Differential pressure alarm prompt.
Quick union connection, metal + non-metal seal.

BG-23 Manual Fracturing Valve

Full bore forged steel gate valve, high pressure resistance, erosion resistance, long service life. <br>
The reverse seal design of valve stem and tail rod can replace important parts under pressure. <br>
Ball screw drive with a balanced tail rod to effectively reduce the torque. <br>
HYD piston type hydraulic actuator can remotely control the opening and closing of the valve. <br>
When the hydraulic valve is normally closed, a manual device can be used to lock the valve.

BG-23 Hydraulic Fracturing Valve

Piston hydraulic cylinder drive, equipped with special control cabinet, can realize remote control, safe and effective, driving pressure 3000psi. <br>
Equipped with a locking mechanism to realize closing without pressure and locking with pressure.

Fracturing Goat Head

High-performance alloy steel forging body.
The inner channel is designed reasonably and the erosion is reduced.
The shape design is reasonable and provides large space for pipeline connection.
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