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Subsea Product

Subsea Spherical Flange Connector

It is used for the connection of underwater pipelines with deflection angles; it can be used when the seabed is uneven and causes pipeline deflection angles; when underwater pipelines are repaired, it can be repaired and installed with underwater repair tees. The maximum deflection angle is 10°, which can be customized according to customer requirement.

Subsea Gate Valve

<span style="word-break: break-word;">Used in subsea wellhead and Christmas tree and subsea manifold system. <br>
From the design, material selection, performance test, and factory test, the product meets the requirements of API Spec 6A and API Spec 17D. <br>
Completely passed PR2F and high pressure chamber test. <br>
Compact structure, convenient installation and reliable performance. </span>

Subsea Choke Valve

It is widely used in various subsea production equipment. <br>
Designed in strict accordance with API Spec 6A and API Spec 17D standards, it has wear-resistant and erosion-resistant properties. <br>
It is suitable for harsh working conditions such as high pressure difference, high pressure and high temperature, with long service life and high flow regulation accuracy.
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